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Tips to Master in Zoom

Written by Julie Xu

Under the coronavirus situation, a lot of people have to work at home, relying on remote working platforms such as Zoom. But as a beginner to Zoom, I have encountered a few embarrassing moments in Zoom for inappropriate usage. For example, I forgot to mute myself in class so that everyone in class heard my murmur clearly; my face flushed in a second when the instructor called my name. More than that, in one presentation, my group partner was in an awful environment setting and used an all-back virtual background: when he smiles, there’s a black hole on his teeth...

New Health-Monitoring Technology for Seniors

Written by Ben Fong

With age comes less ability to perform tasks and more instances of isolation. As a person grows old, family members and friends start to become distant and often interact only a few times per year. This leaves seniors with slowly depreciating social skills, motor functions, and even the inner drive to leave the house and do something, anything. When these seniors lose touch with these important abilities, they become reliant. Reliant on others to track their health, to keep them engaged in activities, and to keep them feeling alive...

The Importance of Connection

Written by Shannon Miranda

Playing piano was a hobby of mine. I especially enjoyed the Romantic pieces, channeling my inner Chopin as I played Impromptu No.1. Every week, I drove 15 minutes to my piano teacher, Mrs. Mendez’s house. We chatted about life and she gave me tips on how to improve my technique.

Slowly, I found myself enjoying her company and although she is no longer my piano teacher, I often think of her...

Support Goes a Long Way

Written by Jenne Martinez

As someone who is very sympathetic, I truly care for all people. Senior citizens are a group in particular that I feel the most tied to. This is because I was always very close to my grandparents.

Being close to them allowed me to see what senior citizens go through on a daily basis, and over time has opened my eyes to the struggles they experience...