About Us

Carey's Story

In 2008, I moved to the United States and faced a tough challenge. Without a car, job, or social support network, I felt isolated and lonely. My landlord, Judy, was a beacon of hope during this time. She took care of me, showed me the neighborhood, and drove me around when she could. However, as time went by, I noticed that Judy was becoming more absent-minded. It was only later that I realized she had Alzheimer's disease. This experience sparked a desire to create a mobile application that could detect early signs of cognitive impairment and help people stay healthy. 

By catching cognitive decline early, patients and their families could have more time to prepare and adjust their lifestyles. My goal is to provide a solution that not only detects cognitive decline but also offers personalized fitness plans, dietary recommendations, and other health-related services through a mobile app. I want to empower people to prioritize their health and wellbeing and make informed decisions about their lifestyle choices. With the help of innovative chatbot technology, I hope to create a supportive and engaging environment that inspires people to stay fit, sharp, and ahead of the curve.

Our Team

Carey Lai

Carey is the Chief Executive Officer of Yohocare, where she leads the development of innovative digital health interventions. A highly skilled professional with a Bachelor's degree in Social Work and an interdisciplinary Master of Public Health, Carey has completed executive and certificate programs in managing digital therapeutic approval and digital health. Her passion for human-centered design and behavioral intervention is reflected in her work, and her extensive board experience demonstrates her commitment to improving public health and promoting positive aging experiences. With her diverse background and expertise, Carey is dedicated to creating a better future for all through digital health solutions.

Jack Lai

As the Chief Technology Officer at Yohocare, Jack directs the technical aspects of the company, including application development and database and backend infrastructure. With prior experience developing search engines for publishing clients and managing multiple search and broker servers, Jack brings invaluable expertise to the team. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, with extensive knowledge in document indexing and classification in a scalable environment. With his technical skills and experience, Jack is committed to driving innovation and success at Yohocare.


To empower individuals to take control of their health and cognitive function by providing them with convenient, effective, and personalized solutions powered by innovative chatbot technology.


Our mission is to improve users' health and cognitive function with personalized fitness plans, community engagement, and cognitive assessments through an engaging mobile app and chatbot, empowering them to prioritize their well-being.