Curious about what it's like to be interning with us? Read what our past interns have to say about their experiences. Discover how our internship program can help you gain valuable skills, develop your career, and work on exciting projects with a team of professionals.

"Yes. Never having an internship before, I did not know what to expect. I was very eager to learn but also nervous because I was coming into a new organization and everything was a new experience. Now that I am almost finished with my internship, I can easily say that I am so thankful I had this opportunity. I have built networking opportunities, made friends, learned more than I expected, and got to brush up on useful skills that I did not know I had or needed...."

~ Jenne Martinez

"In the beginning of the internship, I did not know what I was passionate about and was still trying to find my preferred career path. However, through this internship, I was able to learn more about myself and what I wanted to do in the future. I definitely recommend this program as it encourages you to learn and experience more as the internship progresses."

~ Rachana Joshi

"I was a Marketing intern at Yohocare for about 3 months. It was an amazing experience where I got to work directly with both the founders, Carey and Jack, but with my fellow interns as well. We were able to effectively collaborate and share ideas every week that made the internship incredibly more interesting and enjoyable. It was nice to be able to apply theoretical concepts into planning a real-world event that benefits the senior community. Through what I learned at Yohocare, I believe that I will be more prepared for any future opportunities."

~ Benjamin Fong

"I interned for Yohocare in Summer 2020, and had a great learning experience through the program. I was able to learn more about business development, collaborate with the team, and apply my own knowledge in a real world setting. I would 100% recommend this program to any self-starter who wants a fun learning experience at an early-stage start-up!"

~ Tiffany Ton

"I highly appreciate the help from Carey who is a wonderful mentor. She always give me advice about my work and is very patient explaining her points or listening to my ideas. Also, Yohocare creates an opportunity for me to learn from more excellent interns: everyone has their own talents. Also, from this internship, I have a better understanding about what I am good at and what I need to improve. Overall, it's an awesome journey for me!"

~ Julie Xu 

"I had a wonderful time working with Carey, Jack, and the rest of my internship team. I enhanced my skills in research, outreach, and organization. Additionally, this internship helped me solidify my career path"

~ Shannon Miranda

"Carey & Jack are very invested and passionate about Yohocare and are with you through every step of the way! They genuinely care about the team and are supportive and helpful for every task. Carey is always available for the interns and is beyond accommodating. I really felt valued and everything I had to say felt validated. This internship has really taught me a lot and was a great opportunity that I am very thankful to have had. I'll really miss the team, Carey, & Jack!"

~ Taylor Lee

"Carey was a wonderful mentor. She always had a positive attitude and was very willing to answer any questions that I had. I enjoyed my experience as a Marketing Intern at Yohocare, and I was able to learn a lot about market research and data analysis. In addition to that, I had the opportunity to lead Yohocare's Digital Inclusion Initiative. This experience has allowed me to strengthen my skills in communication, project planning, and data analysis. I highly encourage anyone interested in technology and the well-being of seniors to apply."

~ Karina Lee

"This internship allowed me to learn the skills I did not have. I learned about more than social media marketing, and was allowed to make a greater impact in the future of Yohocare. Carey is very nice and always looking for ideas, I definitely felt appreciated." 

~ Alondra Mateo

"The past three months spent with Yohocare are happy and unforgettable! Working in an early-stage startup can really explore the potential of myself, a entrepreneur has to be equipped with knowledge of all fields including business, communication, budgeting, etc. The intern experience is a progress to study together with Carey and also to grow up together with Yohocare. Yohocare will be fantastic with everyone's efforts!" 

~ Rita Li

"While interning at Yohocare, I was given the opportunity of working very closely with Ms. Lai and she was able to provide me with amazing feedback that helped me learn more about myself. In addition, I was able to have the chance to explore new fields that I have not explored and learn my strengths and weaknesses in these fields. Finally, Yohocare is a great place to intern because of how flexible they are, how kind they are, and how resourceful/helpful they are.

~ Timothy Wu