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We know that turning 60 is just the beginning of a new life chapter. To help you stay engaged, fit, and sharp, we are building an intuitive and interactive platform that fosters close relationships and improves health.

Upcoming Yoho Talk

Speaker: Nathan Firer & Megilla

Founder of Megilla

The Value of Intergenerational Connectivity and Storytelling & Legacy that Transcends Generations


June 9, 2021 (Wednesday)


5:00 - 5:30 PM - Presentation

5:45 - 6:15 PM - Discussion led by Nathan Firer

About Speaker:

Nathan Firer is a former attorney turned TV/digital media producer who has been leading storytelling sessions at senior living communities for years.

Megilla is a web-based video-recording and virtual storytelling platform intentionally designed for older adults to easily and independently be able to create and share life stories, impart values, learn about each other, connect with family and community and record their legacy through short videos. One question at a time.

In this talk, Nathan will address:

  • The importance of storytelling

  • Why video is the paramount medium to record culture and stories

  • How technology can be internationally designed for older adults

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